The Reverse Accountability Chart

This article is written by the Head Coach of EOS.

About six months ago at an EOS Quarterly Collaborative Exchange™, the community discussed the concept of The Reverse Accountability Chart.  The purpose of the tool is to prepare your organization for an economic downturn.

Most organizations don’t know how to prepare for a recession and they become paralyzed.  By teaching our clients The Reverse Accountability Chart, they are completely prepared for any economic downturn.

Typically we teach our clients to look six to twelve months into the future when creating their Accountability Chart.  The Accountability Chart is how we structure the organization with roles and responsibilities and put all the right people in the right seats.  

Under normal circumstances, the Accountability Chart includes identifying empty seats in the business to facilitate growth. The Reverse Accountability Chart is the exact opposite.  What would the company look like with 50% less revenue?

Steps to Create Your Reverse Accountability Chart

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