4 things remote workers need to hear from their boss right now

I think team leaders, managers and business owners are unsung heroes of now.  Eyes are looking for certainty with things so unsure, and the people who have people in their charge play a crucial part.  Unfortunately, we can’t control everything. The good news is thanks to research from the team at GALLUP, there is a simple checklist of 4 things we as managers can do now right now to support our teams who now find themselves working from home  

  1. Set clear expectations.  Three are two types of expectations: WHAT needs to be done; HOW it is done or the behaviours we need to demonstrate.  We could make the list long, in a noisy world and time, our brains prefer things in three.  Therefore, what are the three most important WHAT’s and the three HOW’s?  Keep communicating them increase the chances of making them stick on e-mails, regular group or one on one calls
  2. Ensure your team has the materials and equipment to do their jobs.  This Includes: being able to connect with the right people; good software or where there isn’t a good process; effective hardware and equipment – making our new work spaces as comfortable as possible with whatever we have on hand
  3. Leveraging our team’s unique talents.  When times are tough we all want to contribute our skills and talents .  Now there are new tasks to be done ask your team “what task you would enjoy?” “what tasks are you good at?” and establish a trial ASAP
  4. Knowing what we do matters and that it supports something greater.  We want to know what part we, the team we are in, and the organisation we work for contributes to the benefit of all.  Work with your team to clearly and genuinely articulate this

In times like this don’t be A boss, BE THE BOSS. Communicating the above in different ways and often can give your team a sense of stability, compassion, and most importantly hope.

Written by Jason Biggs.