What is this website for?

This website is a volunteer website to help medium sized Business Owners & their Leadership Teams.

Our aim is to connect Business Owners with professional business people (who give their time free as volunteers) to allow them to have virtual face to face conversations about topics.

Or if you really need more help then we can organise an A-team of professional business advisors to work with you on a regular basis, as a virtual advisory board. Just let us know what help you need.

We’re not here to share articles, answer online questions or give webinars. We’re here to support & help you. If that means sharing some great articles & resources them we will but it’s not our reason for being.

Why medium-sized businesses?

I started it because, as a professional EOS Implementer & Leadership Coach, working with medium sized businesses, I feel like these are the ones that will be hardest hit by Covid-19.

With the help of colleagues, Doug Casement & Stuart Jeffcoat we rapidly devised a plan & started putting it into action.

We’re not saying that we aren’t all affected by it & business owners ourselves, we know it’s going to be an interesting ride over the next few months.

However, the decisions that have to be made by medium sized companies so that they can not only survive through these adverse times but be in a position to thrive on the other side are not ones to be take lightly:

  • Our staff are our family – we don’t want to lose them. However, we might have to to survive. What do we do? How do we decide who to keep?
  • We may have to stop paying bills for a while & our suppliers are our friends – how do we navigate that?
  • We have always done business in a certain way & now that way doesn’t exist (at least for a few months) – what next?
  • We know that we may need to change the way we do business but we’re not sure how?
  • We have some government support but it’s not enough to pay out rent & our bills, along with 100% of our staff salaries. What do we cut?
  • Our team is now all home-based, how do we keep them engaged?

We can’t list all the things that will happen & all the decisions that will need to be made but hopefully you understand why our focus is on these businesses.

We also know, having managed larger organisations, that it can be very lonely at the top.

We wanted to create a space that would allow you to get the support & advice / sounding board that you need.

It’s not a flash site – we didn’t get developers or brand specialists to put it together because we’re not creating a platform or a brand – we’re just here to help!

The concept is simple:

You need help?

Then find a professional business volunteer & book directly with them for a one on one chat using their online calendar.

Or if you need more help then apply using our simple form, we’ll give you a call & then we’ll set about organising an Advisory Team (A-Team) for you.

You want to help?

Just fill out our simple volunteer form, answering a few simple questions & we’ll get you live as soon as we can.

Huge gratitude to all those people who have reached to to help with volunteering,

Much love,

Debra xx

Our Passion

Seeing Entrepreneurial businesses, with significant numbers of staff, not only survive through the crisis but thrive on the other side.

Our Values

Help First – Without any expectation of anything in return

Do the right thing – Never betraying a trust and doing whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward

Do what we say – Sometimes more never less

Making a significant difference – Working together to make a difference to the economy of NZ, for the greater good

Real People, working virtually

There are a group of people working behind this project – from their virtual offices around New Zealand. 

We have a real office at Ventell | Business Traction, 19a Blake Street, Ponsonby but just like you we can’t go there. If I’m honest we miss the nice, spacious environment & the deck & bar!

We are fortunate & grateful to have a team of interns helping in behind the scenes too, so if you need help at anytime, please email us –

[email protected]

Debra Chantry | Professional EOS Implementer | Entrepreurial Operating System | Leadership Coach