Defend the Eternal Law (Sanatana Dharma)

Defend the Eternal Law (Sanatana Dharma)

Sanatana Dharma or The Eternal Law is not merely limited in religion; it is a way of life that embodies the concept of “Sanatana,” meaning eternal or timeless, and “Dharma,” representing duty, righteousness, and cosmic order. It refers to the idea that there are certain moral principles that are universal and unchanging, and that they exist independently of human laws or beliefs.
shows how there are certain moral principles that are considered to be universal and unchanging.
It promotes Sanctity of Life, Importance of Family, Morality and Justice. Eternal Law it is not something that can be changed by human laws or beliefs.

We focus on Prohibition of abortion, homosexuality, and gender-changing surgery reflects a contentious approach towards personal autonomy and individual rights. Advocates argue that these restrictions are often rooted in cultural, religious, or moral beliefs, asserting the sanctity of life, traditional family structures, or gender norms. Proponents of abortion bans assert the rights of the unborn, emphasizing the moral responsibility to protect potential life. Opposition to homosexuality often stems from conservative religious perspectives that view it as incompatible with traditional values. Restrictions on gender-changing surgery can be tied to societal norms surrounding gender identity and expression. All these are strongly rooted in the Eternal Law. We strive to affirm the Eternal Law through advocacy.

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